We provide cost-effective acquisition and management of enterprise hardware and software  for effective and long-term usages.

This is done through several stages:

Design and planning

Understanding how much applications are used; helping determine if the existing ICT infrastructures  still meet business requirements and if the value to the organisation exceeds the ongoing maintenance costs. Identify any hardware or applications that are having chronic issues perhaps due to age and/or reduced vendor support.


Measure progress and quality of new applications and hardware as it pertains to meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Performance problems undetected in the testing process can be quickly identified during deployment processes so corrective actions can be escalated and quickly completed to minimize negative impacts to the business and customers.


Assist in monitoring the health of applications and IT infrastructure. The tool’s capabilities permit an enterprise end-to-end view of application performance, permitting to more quickly react to application problems.

Technical Support

Assist in the configuration specification part of estimating processes by “test driving” different hardware and operating system software combinations in order to approximate the benefits before spending substantial time and money to perform pilot tests in the test lab. Provide real-time and historical data to support problem determination process. Timely problem determination results in shorter disruptions to the business, improving staff productivity and resulting in more satisfied customers.

Computer networking

Our team can also install all aspects of computer network so that users can quickly and easily share resources and files. We provide simple cost-effective solutions, ranging from two PCs sharing the internet and a printer at home, to a complete network encompassing a mix of cabled and wireless access points, multiple printers and a high-speed internet connection via a purpose-built server. We can also set up virtual private networks, so staff working at different geographic locations can have secure and reliable access to shared resources. Our wireless networks can serve entire homes, offices or even suburbs. The network can be easily and conveniently managed remotely over the web.