We provide premiere defense and internal security solutions that allow enterprises to engage in business transactions securely over the network.

Our security solution employs a multilayered approach to safeguard the network infrastructure. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), firewall/Virtual Private Network (VPN) system and Content Security System to guard the perimeter of the network. An encryption system at file, hard disk and database levels is also deployed to strengthen data level security. All the security devices are systematically managed so that security administrators can quickly identify the root cause of any security breach through various alarms triggered by the security devices. Forensics system is also employed to log and record the activities in the network in order for enterprises to meet compliance requirements.

Our content security provide a comprehensive protection to enterprises as it monitors and scans different levels including the gateway, server and workstation to eliminate improper messages being delivered through website, email or instant messaging (IM). It also provide multilevel antivirus & mobile code which enables content filtering for email, websites and IM.

Information security threats have become one of the security issues that can severely disrupt business operations. It is essential for enterprises to set up a security policy that protects their important data and resources from potential security threats. Identity and Access Management is a complete management framework that enables an enterprise to provide appropriate access to enterprise resources.

Web applications are now ubiquitous, spanning the spheres of e-commerce, healthcare, finance and numerous other areas. More and more web-based enterprise applications deal with sensitive financial and medical data which, if compromised, in addition to downtime can mean millions of dollars in damages. It is crucial to protect these applications from malicious attacks.